My shawl collar, sashes and gauntlets match your e.g. black dress that you have in the closet.

But you can also use your shawl collar, gauntlets and sashes to turn your jeans and plain shirt into a festive outfit.

They are wonderfully, extraordinarily and appropriately dressed for every occasion.

I make the round shawl collar in 2 sizes


Birkenstraße 5, 27726 Worpswede

phone: +49 (0)4794 - 96 45 76  
mobil:  +49 (0)160 - 8019961


Studio Sabine Wagner Bremen 

Katharinenpassage,  28195 Bremen/Germany

Opening times:

monday - friday: 11:00- 19:00 Uhr

saturday: 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr

fon: +49 421 33029830

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You will find us at national & international trade fairs, in galleries, art and craft fairs. Also in our studio in Worpswede (after telephone agreement) or our gallery in Bremen.

Visit us in our studio or make an appointment with personal consultation - we will gladly take time for you.

Sabine Wagner hand made high fashion - unique specimen - art dresses - evening wear - haute couture - scarves -  weddingdresses - germany